Best Gym in Adelaide

Best gym in Adelaide

There have never been more fitness club options. The greatest clubs in the business include 24-hour access, hula-dancing workshops, mountain biking field trips, and more. But are you curious about the strong hitters? So, to find out the best gym in Adelaide, a list was constructed based on several factors. Some were chosen for their size and convenience, some for their ambiance, and others for their innovative services. In addition, we attempted to present a thorough picture of the entire workout experience.

What is the growing trend of fitness clubs?

Every company self-reported its sales to Club Industry, as it had in previous years. However, club firms at the top of the list are frequently the most private about their revenue. Therefore Club Industry gathered financial data from various industry sources, highlighting which companies were ranked based on industry sources.

When it comes to the best bodybuilding gym in Adelaide, we live in a world where people are becoming more health-conscious, and businesses that want to capitalize on this trend have a choice of options.The best Gym in Adelaidecome in many shapes and sizes. In addition, many gyms measure their performance by factors such as overall income, member retention, number of locations, consumer branding, transformations, fitness industry reputation, and more.

6 Best Gyms in Adelaide

It’s not easy to find the best gym in Adelaide because there are so many options to confuse someone. So, we have done a lot of research to find the best gym in Adelaide with the best gyming machines and equipment. In addition, the ambiance of the gym matters when you have to work out with peace of mind.

So, here are the top 6 options that could help you choose the best one near your location.

Let’s have a look.

1.   The EFM Glenelg

The Glenelg gym and EFM Glenelg Gym and is a 24/7 Group Personal Training Facility where you can obtain the best version of yourself. Their goal is to build a community to help you gain confidence, happiness, and well-being while working toward your optimum weight, fitness, and strength. Check the 24 hour gym membership cost. The EFM Glenelg Gym is the best Group Personal Training studio in Glenelg with group sessions 6 days a week, but members can access the studio 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All of the latest workout technologies are available in the studio with cardio equipment eg treadmills, cross trainers, ski ergs, rowers, versa climbers, sparc, and many more.  The strength equipment with both free weights and cable machines, barbells, kettlebells and lots of other personal training aids available for your use to get the best workout possible. You can check The EFM Glenelg Gym Timetable. In addition, the outdoor workout area will also challenge you with various exercises eg sled track, wall balls, tire flips, and functional exercises just to name a few. At EFMGlenelg gym, there is so much variety and a fantastic social environment to work out in which is why it is our top pick.

The EFM Gym Glenelg is a well-known health and fitness facility in Glenelg. They take pride in having a wide range of equipment and a jam-packed schedule of group personal training classes, boxing, Spin and Pilates classes.  In addition, their staff are committed to assisting you on your health journey from the start, providing continuing assistance and advice to help you accomplish your own objectives.

2.    Peak 24 Fitness & PT

Peak24 specializes in weight loss, elite training for sport/event specialist trainers, and pre/postnatal fitness. So, their comprehensive approach backs this with health treatment, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, and barre. Their trainers and instructors are all certified and have extensive experience with a range of unique training methods. Small groups (up to 8) are used in their unique Small Group Training sessions, so you get ‘personal’ training.

Founder and 8-year professional PT Jeremy Cresswell was raised in the region, works in the community, and coached elite-level baseball for Australia and State. They like making a difference by helping their local community lead active and healthy lifestyles.

Some of the products and services available are personal Training, Strength for Life, Massage Therapy, Small Group Training, PHIIT, Peak24 Yoga, and Exercise Physiology.

3.    Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is the largest fitness community in Australia. Anytime Fitness offers a variety of intensive classes to help you mix up your training. With both cardio and floor training facilities, you will have everything you need to push yourself harder. Anytime Fitness gyms are located worldwide and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s also the drive to be a part of a remarkable movement among people.

The trainers get to know you by name and work with you to meet your objectives and create long-term results. It’s been a wonderful experience going back to the gym after having a baby. The moms and bubs class is a lot of fun, and it’s different every week, catering to all fitness levels. It’s been a fantastic method to get back into shape.

Personal training, team training, remote coaching, and the Anytime Workouts App are some of the products and services available.

4.    Goodlife Health Clubs

Goodlife Health Clubs is the best gym in Adelaide and adapts to your needs by inspiring the motivation you need to be active. Their club is a hidden gem in the heart of the city, with everything you need under one old roof. A wide variety of high-tech elements complements the cardio and strength equipment.

You can choose from a wide range of Les Mills Group Training classes, as well as guided yoga and Pilate sessions. So why not unwind in the sauna or steam room on-site? This club also has an HYPOXI studio, specializing in low-impact, high-result training methods for burning stubborn fat and cellulite.

You will get services like Clubs, Classes, Programs, Timetable, Small Group Training, HYPOXI, Goodlife Games.

5.    Powerhouse Fitness Gym

Adelaide’s only hardcore bodybuilding gym is Powerhouse Fitness. It is open 24 hours a day and is only 5 minutes from the CBD. Stephanie is the gym’s owner. Powerhouse Adelaide boxing gym has a large family of loyal members from all sorts of backgrounds and with various fitness interests who have dedicated their lives to living and breathing the gym lifestyle.

Their staff has extensive bodybuilding, strength, strongman, boxing, and weight loss experience. You may use both old and modern equipment to get the most out of your workouts, and their pumping music will keep you motivated to complete your workouts. The Adelaide boxing gym setting is warm and welcoming every time you visit.

Powerhouse Adelaide Boxing Gym offers tasty fresh protein shakes, cheap memberships for students as well as military/medical personnel, boot camp classes, and a welcoming, supportive training gym environment. In addition, there are bathrooms and showers available.

They offer Personal and Functional Training, Weekly Bootcamp Sessions, Plate-Loaded Equipment, Old School Pin-Loaded Pieces, Competitive Powerlifting Equipment with Bumper Plates and Ivanka Plates, Some Strongman Equipment, Weight Loss Programs, Boxing Bags, Kettlebells, Dumbbells ranging from 1Kg to 100Kg, and Bodybuilding Competition Preparation.

6.    The Gym Glenelg

The Gym Glenelg is one of Adelaide’s premier health and fitness centers. Their team of committed fitness specialists will be there for you from the beginning of your wellness journey, providing ongoing direction, advice, and expert in best muay Thai gym in Adelaide to help you accomplish your own goals. In addition, they take pride in offering competent and courteous client service and giving personal training support.

The Gym Glenelg features over 2000m2 of modern, open-plan workout equipment and no membership lock-in choices. Additional perks include a 24/7 access key, group fitness classes, two 45-minute personal training sessions, and four weeks of gratis membership suspension every year for Flexi members.

Showers, lockers, and toilets are offered in modern men’s and women’s change rooms. You can also take advantage of a five-day free trial to see what they have to offer. The Gym Glenelg also has over 300 on-site parking spaces.

In addition, it’s one of the best muay Thai gym in Adelaidehaving Treadmills, Cross-Trainers, over 70 group fitness classes every week, including rowers, stair climbers, bikes, functional training, TRX, Lesmills Body Pump, Body Attack and Balance, HIIT, Pilates, Spin45, Pwr45, Active Adults, and Yoga.


You will find an extensive selection of the most excellent free weights and cardio equipment at the best gyms in Adelaide, as well as the added benefits of personal training and free group sessions. Here, you can choose from a variety of membership packages.

Join the most famous gyms in Adelaide and start training to get a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the best gym in Adelaide will have all favorable options to please you.


  1. What to eat before the gym?

    Your pre-exercise meal is often determined by the type of training you do. Oats, protein drinks, bananas, whole grains, yogurt, fresh fruit, boiled eggs, coffee, and smoothies are some of the most excellent foods to eat 30 minutes before a workout.

  2. How much is a gym membership?

    The membership of the gym varies depending on the services they offer. Thus, they also offer many packages, and you can choose one that could suit you. In addition, the best gyms in Adelaide offers the best services along with comprehensive membership plans.

  3. How long does it take to see results from the gym?

    Losing weight is not an overnight dream. You have to work hard, and the gym will help you reduce weight fast. Thus, it will take two to three weeks to drop the scale of the weight machine.

  4. What to do at the gym?

    Thorough warm-up practice is essential for preparing your body to tolerate the load of exercise and avoiding injuries.
    Try out the cardio workout.
    Introduce some workouts that you can do with your own body weight.
    It’s time to start lifting weights!   

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