How to Lose Belly Fat: Exercises That Shrink The Stomach

How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat? When we think of weight loss, the first thing that comes to mind is belly fat. Let’s face it, the stomach is a problem area, and it requires constant maintenance. It’s so easy to eat a little more, take another helping, get sloppy and have a burger instead of a salad. Those little slips ups can be a serious issue. They pile on top of one another, all collecting in the same place, and it happens quicker than we think. Something must be done.

People notice when our stomachs get bigger. We try to hide it with baggy shirts, girdles, and tank tops. But when our bodies are being judged, and people are trying to decide whether we’re fit or attractive, all eyes land on our stomachs, and all our efforts to hide our imperfections slip away. There’s only one true path to change.

We do our best to avoid it. We look up shortcuts in magazines and blogs. We struggle through meaningless deprivation and bad dieting hacks, convincing ourselves that we are learning to live a healthy life, but we’re not. It’s a game we play with ourselves. How long can we procrastinate? How lazy can we get? This mindset is pointless and destructive. We all know how to lose belly fat: exercise. And we can’t ignore it, because it’s the only way that change is going to come into our lives. It’s time to get off the couch, get moving, get our hearts pumping, and take our bodies back. Nobody else is going to do it for us.

What kind of exercises work best for belly fat?
Safe, effective fitness isn’t something that we’re born understanding. It’s knowledge that we gain over time, through trial and error, sound theory and practice. There’s a way to do things. Learning how to lose belly fat, exercise properly, and keep that weight off does take some studying. There are exercises that anyone can use on this list, but they should be accompanied by a broader education in fitness. Learn how to stretch, how to hydrate, what the risks are and how to avoid them. At EFM Glenelg, we offer group personal training courses that will give members the skills they need to build their own routine safely. They’re highly recommended, especially for those who are just getting started on their fitness goals.

Best Exercises for Belly Fat


When learning how to lose belly fat, exercises like burpees can be your best friend. They’re meant to build endurance and strength, all of which we will need to continue working on our goals. Burpees aren’t just good for the stomach, either. They work the shoulders, chest, triceps and quads. 

Instructions: Start from a standing position, and make sure that the feet are shoulder-distance apart. Pull the hips back, lowering the body into a low squat. Place hands right outside the feet and hop the feet back, allowing the chest to touch the floor. Push the hands against the floor to lift the body into a planking position, then jump, feet just outside the hands. With weight on the heels, jump into the air, arms overhead. The process is similar to a squat, a pushup, then a jump.

Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slam

The side-to-side medicine ball slam is a total body workout, benefiting the shoulders, arms, and the core, as well as the hips. When learning how to lose belly fat, exercises like this make it easier to complete techniques that focus mainly on the stomach and abs. An explosive battle, the medicine ball slam is meant to push the body, testing the limits of what it’s capable of. They can be done quickly, raising heart rate, and improving cardio-vascular health, or they can be completed deliberately, stimulating muscle growth and building stamina.

Instructions: Begin by standing with feet shoulder-length apart, holding the ball overhead. Rotate to the left, slam the ball to the ground, as if bouncing it, pivoting the feet and bending the knees slightly. Catch the ball, reverse the motion, then repeat on the right side.

Russian Twist

Get ready to feel the burn. The Russian twist is an intense, core strength exercise that focuses on the love handles and belly fat, using a weighted medicine ball or plate. It is the wicked, endurance testing technique we’ve all been warned about, but it works. Moves like the Russian twist come with an added benefit: they strengthen willpower. Not only will it burn fat, but it will also teach the mind to keep sending commands, challenging us to move even when we know we can’t. This is a valuable practice, one that will offer a rewarding payout in all areas of daily life.

Instructions: Begin in a seated position, knees pulled up and feet off the floor. Holding a medicine ball or plate at chest height, lean back with a long, tall spine, holding the torso at 45 degrees, with arms just a few inches from the chest. From there, turn the torso to the right and pause, squeezing the right oblique (love handle). Turn the torso to the, pause and squeeze the left oblique. The entire movement should come from the rib area, not the arms. It is very important to use the proper muscles to avoid any unwanted consequences and ensure that the workout is effective.

Running on an Incline

Not every belly fat workout has to be done on a mat or with medicine balls and plates. When we think of stomach reducing exercises, we think about stuff that builds muscle—slow and steady, not quick. But when it comes to how to lose belly fat, exercises like these should be used in conjunction with basic cardiovascular methods, like treadmills. Treadmills work multiple areas of the body, not just the legs. Most of them come with an incline setting, kind of like a simulated hill that allows you to change the angle of the surface. Running on an incline is different from running on flat ground. The change in the body’s posture works different groups of muscles. It also burns more calories.

Instructions: It is important to avoid grabbing on to the sides of the treadmill during this workout. When we hold on to the rails, we tilt our bodies in the same angle we would walk in, defeating the purpose of using the incline. We also take pressure off the legs, reducing the number of calories we burn. Set the incline level to fifteen percent. Start out at a walking pace, allowing the heart rate to rise for about 5-10 minutes. Increase the speed to a jogging pace for another 5-10 minutes, then increase the speed to a run. This doesn’t have to be a giant sprint, but it should be fast enough that it’s impossible to carry on a conversation while running. After 5 minutes, drop the pace down to a jog. Maintain a jog for 5-10 minutes, then continue switching between jogging and running at 10-minute intervals for 30-45 minutes.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a favorite for those who are beginning to learn how to lose belly fat. Exercises that work multiple parts of the body don’t just make it easier to perform basic core workouts, they ensure a balanced aesthetic. With mountain climbers, we won’t just be slimming our bellies, we’ll be slimming our arms, legs and thighs. So those who devote themselves to this technique can expect a full body makeover.

Instructions: Lower the body into a high plank position, similar to a push up. Wrists should be directly under the shoulders. Keep the core tight, stomach clenched, with the belly button pulled close to the spine. Pull the right knee towards to the chest, then bring it back to its former position. Repeat with the left knee and continue to alternate between the two. 


The sprawl is like the burpee, only on steroids. By adding another step, it turns an already advanced technique into something to be achieved. For those learning how to lose belly fat, exercises like the sprawl are the next step after learning the basics. It isn’t easy. It’s the type of technique found in boot camps and military training. It might as well come along with fatigues and a screaming drill sergeant, shouting at us in the rain. Butfor some, devoting oneself to this exercise might be the achievement of a lifetime. There’s nothing quite like true transformation or learning that we’re capable of more. Work hard, struggle through, and eventually it will be possible to perform the sprawl regularly, even master it.

Instructions: Start a standing position, feet should-width apart. Squat down and place hands on the ground. Jump, with feet back, to a plank position—similar to a push up—and lower the body to touch the ground. Jump back up to a plank position and then jump, feet outside of the hands, into a squat. That completes one rep, though another jump can be added in for an extra calorie burn.

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