How to workout to lose belly fat

How to workout to lose belly fat

Are you willing to know about how to workout to lose belly fat? It’s pretty simple, but you have to have the right mindset and work hard to achieve your goals. If you don’t believe that you can achieve what you want and aren’t willing to put in the effort, it won’t happen, so don’t even try!

However, suppose you are positive and committed. In that case, there are some very specific things that you can do to burn belly fat during your workouts.

Set Aim To Lose Belly Fat

It’s a simple concept: when we eat more calories than we use daily, we gain weight. Belly fat is no different. So if you want to get rid of that annoying stomach fat finally, you need to burn more calories than you consume. It always requires extensive set of workouts. But how do you get started on that process? Try these steps:

  1. Set a goal to burn 500 calories more than you consume each day.
  2. Eat fewer processed foods and refined carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread).
  3. Exercise 30 minutes at least four days per week at a moderate intensity (walking, cycling or swimming).
  4. Get enough sleep: lack of sleep can make you hungry and cause you to crave junk food—and less sleep means less energy for exercise!
  5. Stay consistent while doing any of below the mentioned workouts. As these selected exercises are the best answers to how to workout to lose belly fat.

Top 10 ways how to workout to lose belly fat

In the above section, we have discussed some common hacks for losing belly fat easily. In this section, we will discuss how to workout to lose belly fat. What should be those effective workouts that one should adopt for this purpose?

We have explained ten effective workouts to lose belly fat. So, let’s start and keep reading for a healthier lifestyle with a slim belly!


This may be one of my favourite exercises of all time. While it’s not exactly a cardio workout, it will get your heart pumping and help you burn calories faster. According to EFM Health Club, burpees can be even more effective than regular aerobic exercise at torching calories.

The basic burpee:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, extend your arms above your head and squat until you’re in a pushup position.
  2. Do one pushup by bending your elbows and lowering yourself toward the ground (where that burpee name comes from).
  3. Push back up, straighten your arms again and bring them back overhead in a standing position.

Medicine ball burpee: Hold a medicine ball at chest level with both hands. Perform a regular burpee, but toss the medicine ball underhand to a partner or into a wall as you squat. Catch it and repeat. Medicine balls are great because they add resistance, which means you’ll burn more calories and build more muscle faster than if you were doing traditional burpees.

Mountain Climbing

Belly fat is a tricky thing. Many people might not even know they have it until someone points it out or sees their problem area in photographs. If you’re one of them and looking for easiest way about how to workout to lose belly fat, you must try mountain climbing. This sport will get your heart rate up and leave you feeling like a champ at any age. First, build up your endurance with cardio before adding weights and free weights into your routine. You’ll get stronger, fitter and more confident in no time!

And if you can find a partner, so much the better; studies show that people are more likely to stick with an exercise program when others are involved.


An expert trainer explained how they should do a bodyweight sprawl. She said it was a good way to start doing a more formal exercise regimen. Sprawls are different from pushups because of their orientation with your feet behind you and hands in front of you. It strengthens all those muscles that surround and support your spine.

There are many different variations of sprawls.

  1. Some people tend to do it as pushups.
  2. Some prefer balancing on their knees or toes how you balance will also affect how intense your exercise is.

So be careful when you start doing these and listen for your body’s cues about how intense you should make them. The other variation of sprawls that can help workout abdominal muscles more is scissor sprawls.

To do a scissor sprawl, get into a plank position with your hands under your shoulders and feet. Then lift one leg at a time while keeping everything else stable. Depending on what works best for you, you can vary where you put each foot down from side to side or forward and backward.


Exercises such as hanging knee raises, twists, and side crunches are very effective at targeting your midsection. Make sure you perform your abdominal workouts after training your entire body because these moves aren’t extremely demanding on your muscles. Still, they’re very effective for burning off unwanted belly fat.

Also, try holding each abdominal exercise in a static position for about one minute. Do as many reps as you can with good form and go up in time as you become more comfortable. As we discussed earlier, this will help increase core strength by holding a weight still instead of swinging it around or moving through space. You’ll be stronger when you lift weights over time, so don’t worry!

Ball Slams

To tone and tighten your lower body:

  1. Try ball slams.
  2. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. With a medicine ball or slam-ball between your feet, squat down and pick up the ball using an overhand grip (i.e., one hand on top of the other).
  4. Drive your knees forward while lifting your butt up and back.
  5. As you stand, raise your arms overhead and slam the ball on the floor as hard as you can, then catch it in a squatting position on its bounce back.

That’s one rep; do 15 reps total for three sets with a 60-second rest between sets.


The key to how to workout to lose belly fat is why we’re talking about them. Some studies have shown that certain kinds of abdominal exercises effectively reduce belly fat, including planks. A study conducted by researchers in Brazil had two groups perform a specific kind of plank routine for four weeks.

  • One group did regular lower ab work.
  • While the other did their planks with little movement from their hips, so they didn’t use those muscles any more than necessary during their routine.

The results: Both groups lost weight and body fat, but only second group lost significant stomach fat.


Cardio is a great way to burn calories, and if you’re trying to shed some belly fat, it’s an easy choice. But it doesn’t have to be all cardio. You can do short runs or walks on an incline treadmill—or even outdoors—and add weights for resistance training for extra calorie-burning power.

Since you’ll be moving quickly, you don’t want your muscles tightening up and slowing you down. You can pair strength training with running by starting slow and progressing as more functional strength and endurance are gained.


Short for high-intensity interval training, HIIT is a system of workouts that alternates between short periods of intense activity and short periods of recovery. HIIT can be an incredibly efficient way to train when it comes to losing belly fat.

For example, if you are doing a HIIT workout consisting of eight 30-second sprints, your body would have a 30 second recovery period after each sprint. In terms of belly fat loss, 100 calories burned during your 30-second sprints would be about 1000 calories per hour (assuming you burn five hundred calories from running). You would have only burned 2% of your body weight in two hours with very little risk or discomfort. And we all know how important consistency is when it comes to healthy living!


The exercise of yoga is one way how to workout to lose belly fat without spending too much money. Yoga offers a full-body workout that is more affordable than most other forms of exercise. The better thing about yoga is that there are different levels for everyone.

Some people might be beginners, and some may have higher levels. Still, with yoga, every person can build up their muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility with an equal opportunity. Yoga helps improve your overall health by reducing stress and improving your sleep patterns.


For many of us, rowing machines are a go-to exercise. Whether you prefer to jog, run or walk on land, rowing is an excellent and efficient way to burn calories and tone your legs and backside. Try interval training if you want to make it more challenging for yourself (and get some extra core work in).

During your next rowing session, make sure you change up your speed from slow to steady and increase resistance when needed by pushing against one side of your body while pulling with another. You’ll keep all parts of your body engaged at once while ensuring that each muscle group gets a bit of work during each exercise.

The Bottom Line

Exercise burns calories, but so does digest food. And we eat more than we think we do. So you might be thinking that if you burn 500 calories a day through exercise and consume an extra 500 in food, you’ll end up with a net zero—no weight loss.

But here’s where things get tricky: Burning those 500 calories through exercise could make it easier for you to eat 250-500 more.

So what’s a person to do? Try incorporating high-intensity interval training into your regimen—it’s been shown to burn twice as many calories as steady-state exercise. Over time, these strategies could add up to weight loss.

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