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Working out 24/7

Nothing can stop you. Nothing can hold you down. You will have that great physique, those toned abs and thick arms—the dream you’ve always wanted, and you will revitalize your health. You’ll rock every second of the journey, because you are completely out of excuses. Pricing is no concern. Laziness is just a mindset. Procrastination is inexcusable. Your schedule doesn’t matter. Why? Because you can exercise any time at cheap 24 hour gyms Adelaide loves. So, join us for a midnight jog or cycle into a new day and conquer the dawn, knowing that it’ll be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Now, come on! Feel that burn.

Why Our 24-Hour Fitness Gyms Are the Perfect Option

Don’t listen to the critics. You don’t have to give up your workout when the sun goes down. Yes, it is true that studies show a late workout can detrimentally affect your sleep schedule. This is because our bodies naturally prepare themselves for bedtime, making it easier for us to get the sleep we need. When this process begins, your heart rate will drop. Your core body temperature will go down, and your brain waves will get slower. Working out has the opposite effect. It amps up your heart rate and body temperature, and it increases your brain activity. That’s not conducive to a healthy sleep schedule. But studies show that with healthy adults, working out is acceptable if you do so more than an hour before bedtime. That sounds practical. When you’re done at the gym, you’ll shower, rest your legs, change into better clothes, drive home and get ready for bed. That normal routine will probably take you an hour or more. Your body should already have acclimated during that time. This means that24 hour gyms Adelaide’s perfect option for night owls who don’t want to sacrifice their health.

EFM cheap 24 hour gyms Adelaide location are meant for more than just midnight romps. They’re also for ambitious early birds, who work too early to stay up running on a treadmill until 2 AM—or even until 8 PM. For those who meet the dawn, 24 hour fitness gyms are the best option. They can wake up at 3 or 4, workout for 2 hours and go into work at 7 ready to conquer the day. Who needs coffee when you have a hefty dose of endorphins pumping through you? And the biggest benefit isn’t the schedule; it’s what that schedule will do for you. An early workout routine is known to give you a boost of lasting energy, both mentally and physically. It elicits a sense of lasting optimism and strength of will—something most people don’t think about when they’re struggling through spin class or performing that final set. Early workout routines are even known to inspire better eating habits, killing two birds with one stone. You can motivate yourself to work harder and eat right, and you don’t have to go it alone. With early-rise fitness classes, Adelaide can pump up, or simply collaborate with a personal trainer. So come early and catch the worm with one of the best 24 hour gyms Adelaide has to offer.

Cardio Any Time at EFM 24 Hour Gyms Adelaide

Move your body, go faster, work harder, and don’t stop. Don’t let your heart rate go down. Keep your body temperature high. You will feel that burn. Your lungs will race, and your body will beg for rest, but don’t give in—no, not once. If you do, it’ll be that much harder to keep going. That’s cardio; it’s one of the most painful and also the most rewarding kind of workout. It’s great for losing weight and slimming down, toning muscles and burning fat. People live by it.

Cardio is generally performed during the day, often in the morning time, because of the long-lasting effect it has on the body. That’s why many of the fitness classes Adelaide members obsess over start early. People tend to follow the traditional advice, but studies show that it’s quite a bit harder to get moving right after you wake up. The body isn’t ready for that workout, so our members like to take advantage of the best 24 hour gyms Adelaide has to offer during the evening time, when the body is already warmed up. That’s when muscles are primed, and we’re more awake, making nighttime cardio much easier. You’ll spend less time warming up and more time working on keeping your heart pounding.

Cardio Your Way

EFM 24 hour gyms Adelaide location offers a variety of cardio options. From early morning classes to machinery available at night, you have everything you need to complete your workout your way without compromising. Try out our bicycles, our treadmills, cross-trainers and versa, or if you’d prefer sample one of our low-impact cardio devices, like our hand grinders—great for those seeking rehabilitative care.

Strength Training, Day and Night

It might seem like a nightmare scenario, pushing your body past its limits—struggling until your arms can’t move, and your calves burn so badly it’s like they had been injected with lava—only to have to go home and lay down, waiting out the pain as you struggle to fall asleep. But that pain is manageable. Something as simple as taking a hot shower or bath, a quick Ibuprofen, or making a diet change, can make it easier for the body to recover from intense strength training. So there’s no reason why you can’t have a good night’s sleep after a midnight session. In fact, nighttime might be the best time for building muscle. Traditionally, experts advise against training at night, because of its detrimental effects on the sleep schedule, but new studies show that the opposite may be true. Late sessions are known to be beneficial in a variety of ways. Weightlifting helps let off steam and relieve stress, often making it easier to fall asleep after a workout. It decreases restlessness, meaning you’ll fall asleep faster, instead of tossing and turning, and you’ll stay asleep longer. Weightlifting also improves your mood by releasing stress relieving endorphins, inspiring confidence, creating a greater sense of ease throughout daily life, even improving interpersonal relationships. One of the biggest reasons to move your strength training session to nighttime is also the most practical. We don’t always have time throughout the day to fit in that all-necessary workout. Not everyone wakes up early in the morning, and often afternoons are taken up by other activities like work and family obligations. But we do need to maintain muscle mass throughout our lives, so having the flexible schedule offered by a 24 hour gym is perfect for people who have busy lives.

Everything You Need to Build Muscle

No 24 hour gym would be complete without a full-range of muscle building and strength training machines and accessories and EFM is no different. We ensure that our members have everything they need to bulk up. Try a set with our free weights, made for all fitness levels; try our barbells, even if you don’t think you can; bulk up with our smith machine, if you dare; or have a go at our leg press, because your thighs and calves matter. Whatever your choice, you’ll be sure to love the results.


How do 24 hour gyms work?

A: 24 hours gyms are all about security and convenience. We keep our doors locked after hours, so there’s no need to worry about who is coming in and out, and there’s always staff available to ensure your safety. All of our equipment—from barbells to treadmills—are available 24 hours a day. Nothing is out of bounds, and we have early morning fitness classes, so you can meet the dawn with a fresh mind and a healthy body.

When are 24 hour gyms the least busy?

A: One of the biggest perks of belonging to a 24 hour gym is that you don’t have to confine your workouts to busy hours. That means you won’t have to share or wait for machines, and you can workout in peace without having a lot of people around you. Some hours are busier than others, but in general the quietest periods are between 12 AM to 5 AM. If you want to be alone, that’s when you should go.

When will 24 hour gyms reopen?

A: Businesses were hit hard during the pandemic. Restaurants, bars, theaters, and other places where people congregated were forced to close their doors and face a massive loss in profits. 24 hourfitness gyms and clubs took a huge brunt of that pain. Gyms were either closed or enforcing strict guidelines for all members. 24 hour services were out of the question. Fortunately, that is no longer the case in South Australia. While some commonsense measures, like social distancing and general cleanliness, are still enforced, our24 hour gyms are running at full capacity, and you are more than welcome to show up any time.

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