Why are Fitness Classes So Popular?

fitness classes

There is no limit. You can do anything. You can become a better person—stronger, sharper, capable of achieving things you never thought possible. It’s our job to make that happen, and we’re good at what we do. We focus on more than just basic exercises. At Glenelg gym, we enhance both body and mind—challenging you at every turn. We’re relentless because we know your potential, and we know how to help you reach it. That’s why we have the finest fitness classes Adelaide has to offer. Our best service is fitness Classes in Glenelg, Adelaide.

Fitness Classes Near Me

We offer more than just a set of exercise machines and weights. We’re determined to help walk you through the process of self-transformation on all levels, driving you to become more than just the sum of your parts. That’s why we offer a wide range of fitness first classes, designed to aid you in getting your life back. From tai chi to yoga, breathing exercises, and of course strenuous cardio, spin classes, even rehabilitation and beginner’s training. We have the fitness classes Adelaide needs, and we offer them at prices that anyone can afford.

Glenelg Fitness Classes Near Me

Let us show you how you can better yourself and change your life with a catalog of fitness classes Adelaide loves.

Les Mills Body Attack

Move your body, work, stretch. Les Mills body attack is a high-intensity training course that combines athletic exercises such as lunging, jumping and running; with high-strength exercises like push-ups and squats—all with a motivating music track and a personal trainer to make sure you withstand your workout. Body Attack is all about feeling the burn, building strength and allowing you to move more freely through daily life. On average, members tend to lose about 555 calories after completing this workout.

 Active Adults

Get off the couch, regain your former strength and breeze through daily life. It’s never too late to build your body and mind.  We’re proud of our active adults class, because it’s about more than just fitness. We challenge members to end their sedentary habits and move past the health issues caused by inactivity. This class is great for seniors looking for a way to revitalize their lives. We also work with those who need rehabilitative services, those who are recovering from fractures, who have lost range of motion, and have stiff limbs. This is a beginner’s course, built for everyone, so don’t be shy. This is a safe, judgment-free environment where the trainers will move slow and walk you through everything you need to do. Enroll in an Active Adults class today.


One of our fitness first classes, PWR45 is centered around the burn, and pain is gain. We challenge members to push themselves further to build muscle, willpower, and confidence. The intense routine increases more than just physical strength. When you keep going, even when you know you can’t, you gain strength of mind as well. That is a valuable skill. Book PWR45 now. You won’t regret it.

Booty and Abs

We all want to look great. But if you want that perfect body, you’ve gotta push, work yourself to the bone and never stop. It’s strenuous, but the effort is well worth it. This class is all about the booty and abs. Through a rigorous series of toning and strengthening exercises, we’ll walk you through everything you need to get tight, toned glutes and hard abs. You can have the body you always dreamed of. Book our Booty and Abs course today.

Power Pilates

Super-charge your life with power pilates, an intense, revised version of the revolutionary fitness trend. Power pilates will help you gain mental clarity, strength, balance and focus. It affects every aspect of daily living. There’s no downplaying what it can do. We recommend it to anyone in good physical health. This course uses 500 controlled movements, focusing on the lower back, abdominals, hips, to tone muscles and build core strength, utilizing only body weight. If you’d like to see what Power Pilates can do for you, book this fitness course now.


Discover a new way to live. Become something better. Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer who wanted to integrate both mind and body exercises. It utilizes body weight to condition muscles, enhance mental clarity, increase core strength and stability. Members often find that this course helps them think more clearly. They have less trouble with sore muscles and back pain. They also gain more range of motion and control over their bodies. This is a traditional, toned-down version of Power Pilates, but it’s just as beneficial. If you’d like to try it out, book this course now.

Hatha Yoga

Known worldwide for its numerous benefits, Hatha Yoga, is one of our most popular courses. The practice integrates body poses, meditation and breathing techniques to serve both the body and the mind. This class progresses slowly. Trainers instruct members in how to complete every act, so beginners can feel safe knowing that they are in a laid back, casual environment, where they can learn without feeling like they’ve been left behind.

Les Mills Body Balance

Conquer your body, enhance your mind, climb that mountain and reap your rewards. Les Mills Body Balance is a multi-pronged approach combining yoga, pilates and tai chi—a favorite for our more spiritual minded members. This course will challenge you in unconventional ways, teaching you to understand your body better, gain more control, tone muscle and build core strength. It really is an extraordinary experience, and members often leave with a sense of wellbeing they lacked before they started the course. If you’d like to try out Les Mill Body Balance, book this course now.


Move, get off the couch,and get your body going with this rigorous fitness first class. Hit is meant to combine the mat exercises in pilates, based on body weight, with super-charged cardio. It’s a wild ride, but one that members will be glad they took. This course is meant to burn fat, increase cardio-vascular health and build core strength. It’s for members who want to stand tall and take on the day. If you’d like to lose that extra weight, sign up for this fitness class now.

Les Mills RPM

Cycle through life. Trek through wild terrain and feel that burn. There’s a reason why Les Mills RPM is so popular. There’s something about exercise bikes, that repetitive motion, the pedals moving. It’s satisfying in a way, challenging. You want to keep going, keep pedaling, make that bike move, and that desire to do so pushes you forward, allowing you to give into the workout—even as the machine simulates hills and inclines, and your thighs burn like they’re on fire. That’s the power of Les Mills RPM. This class is perfect for toning, increasing leg muscle and joint strength. Some members enjoy it because it develops willpower. You learn to push your body, even when it seems impossible. If you’d like to see what Les Mills fitness class can do for you, sign up now.

Why Glenelg has Most Popular Fitness Classes Near Me

The reason we’re so popular is simple: we change lives. We heal, reenergize, and empower. When you come to us, and you put in the effort, you know that you will reap the benefits—not just through basic fitness, weight training and exercise bikes. We tap into ancient traditions, time-tested and renowned worldwide, like tai chi, pranayama, meditation and yoga, and we use those practices to offer our members a multi-pronged approach; one that addresses both the body and the mind.

We’re also known for working with the disabled and elderly members of the community. We have some of the best fitness classes in Adelaide for rehabilitation. We go slow, offering a simple, progressive approach, without shaming members or leaving them behind. You won’t feel left out. We offer a safe environment, one where anyone can come to us, regardless of their fitness level. Don’t worry about whether or not you look good or if you have the right gear. That’s not what we’re focused on. Don’t expect dirty looks or mean girls laughing; expect support, because that is what our members need to enact change in their lives. That is what we’re dedicated to doing: helping people, and we’re good at what we do. We see the results every day.

Reap the Rewards

The benefits of exercise are well known. A good fitness routine will extend your lifespan, prevent health issues later on down the road, and help treat pre-existing conditions—and don’t forget how attractive you’ll look if you put in the work. But it’s not just about your body. All of these fitness classes will provide members with enhanced cognitive functioning and mental clarity. You’d be surprised how freeing it can be—spending a day at the gym. You’ll think more clearly, see more clearly, and you’ll feel more balanced. Don’t wait. Book one of our fitness classes now.

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